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Contact lenses are a popular type of vision correction because they’re completely unnoticeable. If you don’t want to wear prescription glasses, contact lenses correct your vision without interfering with your look. Magdalena Saint-Louis, OD, and her team at Real Vision Center in Pembroke Pines, Florida, offer eye exams for contact lenses and help you find the best contacts for your eyes. Make an appointment today, by phone or online, to find out more about contact lenses.

Contact Lenses Q & A

What are contact lenses?

Similar to eyeglasses, contact lenses are a prescription medical device that corrects vision. Contact lenses are thin, curved pieces of plastic that sit on your eyes. They sit on the film of tears that naturally covers the surface of your eyes. 

Contact lenses correct both near- and farsightedness, even meeting the needs of patients who require bifocal or multifocal lenses. Contact lenses give you the flexibility to correct your vision without having to wear glasses.

For most types of contacts, you put them in your eyes in the morning, wear them all day, and take them out at night before bed. You won’t feel properly fitted contacts in your eyes, and most people never know you’re wearing them.

What types of contact lenses are there?

Real Vision Center carries all the best, most popular brands of contact lenses to meet the needs of patients. Common types of contact lenses include soft contacts, bifocal and multifocal lenses, toric, and colored lenses. The center also offers rigid, gas permeable lenses. 

The most popular type of contact lenses are soft, disposable lenses. Soft lenses come in daily, weekly, and monthly disposable varieties to fit your needs and lifestyle. There are specialty contacts available for people with common eye conditions that make contacts harder to wear, such as dry eyes or astigmatism.

With colored contacts, you can make a statement. Colored contacts are prescription contact lenses that correct your vision, but they also change your eye color. You can choose the color you want, whether it’s a subtle change from your natural eye color or something more dramatic.

Are contact lenses right for me?

Real Vision Center offers a wide selection of contact lenses to fit nearly every patient. If you’re interested in wearing contacts, the team performs an eye exam that includes measurements and testing to make sure contacts are a good option for your eyes.

Dr. Saint-Louis and the team discuss your treatment options with you to help you decide about getting contact lenses. Even if you have dry eyes, astigmatism, or another condition, it’s still possible for you to wear contacts. The team recommends the best type of contacts for your prescription and eyes.

Different types of contacts have different wear and replacement requirements. While some contacts can last two weeks or longer, others are meant to be discarded after one day of wear. For best results, be sure to follow Real Vision Center guidelines for your contact lenses. 

If your vision isn’t perfect, you don’t have to live with eyeglasses. Find out if contact lenses are a good option for your eyes. Call the office or request an appointment online today to get an eye exam at Real Vision Center.